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My Digital Strategy Process

Just like each marketing challenge is different, the process to solving those problems will vary as well. Factors such as time, resources, and budget always contribute to the path I take when working on a project.

However, as a general rule I like to adhere to the following phases: Identify problems and opportunities, Research, Strategize, Implement, Analyze and Optimize.


Identify problems and opportunities

Every business has its own unique challenges and opportunities for growth. In this initial stage, I pick the battles worth fighting for based on a deep understanding of your priorities, budgets and goals.



In order to stand out, it is important to guage where we currently stand in the marketplace and identify gaps that our brand can step into.



Now that we've identified the scope of work and how we may best leverage our strengths to provide value to our customers, it's time to put an actionable plan in place.



Tapping into my network of expert digital marketing professionals from social media marketers to web designers, I'll manage the implementation of the strategy we agree upon.


Analyze and Optimize

Iteratively improve upon the initial implementation by studying its performance over time and steadily improving key metrics.

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